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BottleTie - Wine Bottle Corkscrew / Necktie

BottleTie - Wine Bottle Corkscrew / Necktie

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This cool new BottleTie is not only a handy corkscrew for yanking corks out with ease, it also doubles as a stylish necktie around the bottle's neck until it's time to open the next bottle. Available in your choice of either fancy stripes, whimsical bananas, or little wine glasses and grapes design.

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BottleTie - Wine Bottle Corkscrew / Necktie
A sleek and modern cocktail vessel made from double-walled stainless steel with an inner freezer gel core.
BottleTie - Wine Bottle Corkscrew / Necktie
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BottleTie - Wine Bottle Corkscrew / Necktie
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BottleTie - Wine Bottle Corkscrew / Necktie
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BottleTie - Wine Bottle Corkscrew / Necktie
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BottleTie - Wine Bottle Corkscrew / Necktie
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BottleTie - Wine Bottle Corkscrew / Necktie
Super tiny, yet fully functional corkscrew for your keychain!
BottleTie - Wine Bottle Corkscrew / Necktie
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BottleTie - Wine Bottle Corkscrew / Necktie
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