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Automated Professional Microbrewery

Automated Professional Microbrewery

Automated Professional Microbrewery

The cool new Professional Microbrewery is the ultimate contraption for any well off individual who falls in somewhere between a hardcore homebrewer and a mighty thirsty lazy beer drinker. This scaled down automated brewing system is just like the ones used in professional microbreweries and is designed to more or less make you plenty of full-bodied stout, spirited Hefe-weizen, or a refreshing lager on command. Just enter your recipe into the integrated touchscreen computer interface, add the hops and yeast when instructed and, voila, a helluva lot of tasty beer. If you've somehow got $45,000 and a serious love of brewing your own beer, look no further.

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  • Automated brewing system used in professional microbreweries, scaled for the home brewmeister
  • Heat Exchange Recycling Mash (HERM) system creates a refreshing lager, a spirited Hefe-weizen, or a full-bodied stout
  • Simply enter a recipe via an integrated touch screen computer
  • 15-gallon hot liquor tank with a built-in heat exchange raises strike/sparging water to the ideal brewing temperature
  • Automatically circulates it to a 15-gallon mash/lauter tun that extracts sugar from the ground grain, or mash
  • Liquid is pumped to a 20-gallon boil kettle where the mash is converted into the final wort
  • System reminds users to pitch hops according to the recipe entered
  • Wort is cooled as it is pumped from the boil kettle to a free-standing 14-gallon stainless steel fermentation tank
  • Unit signals when it is time to add yeast
  • Electric level sensors, gauges, and temperature detectors relay information back to the computer, providing accurate, real-time monitoring
  • Industrial-grade 304 stainless steel
  • 15-lb. grain mill, eight reusable 5-liter mini kegs, two 2-liter growlers, six 19-oz. dimpled beer steins, and mash tun mixing paddle
  • Requires connection to water supply and 220-volt AC

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