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Real Cobra Snake & Scorpion Whiskey

Real Cobra Snake & Scorpion Whiskey

Real Cobra Snake & Scorpion Whiskey

Bored with drinking the Tequila worm? Didn't see the Green Fairy while enjoying your Absinthe? Want to explore the next level of forbidden alcoholic pleasures? It's time to face your fears and experience Vietnamese Real Cobra Snake & Scorpion Whiskey. Inside this rather exotic and rare bottle of whiskey holds a real Cobra snake with a scorpion in its mouth forever infusing a unique flavor into the whiskey. Legend has it that this whiskey is a very strong aphrodisiac and can even treat pain, but do you dare take the shot? Can you eat the snake? What about the venom? Hell, I wouldn't even be able to open the bottle! Also available in Californian King Snake flavor if Cobra isn't to your taste.

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