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Absinthe Making Kit

Absinthe Making Kit

Absinthe Making Kit

Absinthe AKA the Green Fairy, not to be confused with the Green Head, was a green botanical liquor once thought to cause hallucinations, psychosis, mania, and death, so it was obviously quite a popular drink with writers and and artists during the 19th century until it was eventually banned. Well, it turned out that it was all basically a myth, bad science, and too much boozing that was the real problem and now absinthe is legal everywhere that alcohol is legal. So why not try making your very own with this cool new Absinthe Making Kit?

This fun, educational, and quite potent absinthe-making kit includes everything you need to brew up a bottle of the fragrant green fairy, minus a high-proof neutral spirit that you will provide. This made in the USA kit includes organic spices and botanicals, a 500 ml Tortuga antique green bottle and cork, a 4" stainless steel funnel, one natural filter, and handy instructions. An absinthe spoon, water to dilute, and sugar cubes are not included either, but they are encouraged if you want to enjoy the full experience. It also makes a really cool and unique gift. 🧚

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