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Lehman's Stainless Steel Apple Cider Press

Lehman's Stainless Steel Apple Cider Press

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This Autumn, after heading down to an orchard to go apple picking (pick a few bushels), grind and press them all into tastier and healthier homemade apple cider (a lot of it) with ease using this this cool new Lehman's Stainless Steel Cider Press. Unlike wooden barrel presses, this is a more hygienic all stainless steel press that is much easier to clean and maintain year after year. It features a convenient apple grinder on the side attached to a manual heavy-duty cast iron flywheel with a wooden handle, a rust-resistant powder-coated steel frame, a 12 inch press cage that can hold a bushel at a time, and it's made in the USA. After pressing the apples into cider, the leftover pulp can then be used to make apple butter, apple cider vinegar, and much more, composted, or just used as animal feed for chickens and pigs. It's perfect for starting a new Fall tradition of making big batches of apple cider with your friends and family and celebrating the harvest season. 🍎😋

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Lehman's Stainless Steel Apple Cider Press
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Lehman's Stainless Steel Apple Cider Press
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Lehman's Stainless Steel Apple Cider Press
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Lehman's Stainless Steel Apple Cider Press
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Lehman's Stainless Steel Apple Cider Press
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Lehman's Stainless Steel Apple Cider Press
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Lehman's Stainless Steel Apple Cider Press
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Lehman's Stainless Steel Apple Cider Press
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Lehman's Stainless Steel Apple Cider Press
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