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Lekue Lemon / Lime Squeezer - Set of Two

Lekue Lemon / Lime Squeezer - Set of Two

Lekue Lemon / Lime Squeezer - Set of Two

The Lekue Lemon / Lime Squeezer is a cool new solution to the age old problem of squirting citrus juice in your eyes. It's inevitable that no matter how well you shield yourself from the fragrant yet burning juices of the lemon and the lime, they always seem to find a way to squirt you right in the face. If at all possible, they also try to release a rogue seed right into your iced tea while you're squinting and crying. Well, it's time to tame these wild juices once and for all.

Just slice a lemon or a lime in two, place one half in the Lekue Lemon / Lime Squeezer and, well, squeeze away. The extracted juice is safely contained and re-routed to a small hole in the bottom, so you can use as little or as much as you need. When you are finished, simply close the top and keep it in your refrigerator to maintain maximum freshness. They come in a set of two so you can store both halves without any waste.

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  • Squeeze exactly the amount you desire
  • Squeeze free of seeds, without risk of spatters
  • Set contains Two (2) Lemon Squeezers
  • Protects the lemon halves in the refrigerator retaining maximum freshness
  • Dishwasher safe, Made in Spain

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