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Corona Lime Bomber - Squeezes Limes Into The Bottle

Corona Lime Bomber - Squeezes Limes Into The Bottle

There's nothing better than an ice cold cerveza with a wedge of lime, unless that lime is added with the cool new Corona Lime Bomber. Although you could just as easily add a lime to your Corona, an orange to your Blue Moon or a lemon to your soda by hand, however it's much more fun and sanitary when the fruit is plunged deep into your bottle with this innovative device. Simply place Corona Lime Bomber on top of your beer bottle, insert a fruit wedge and push down on the plunger. Voila! You now have perfectly placed, flavor-enhancing fruit wedge in your beer, with no mess and no unexpected citrus squirting.


  • Inserts taste-enhancing fruit wedges into your bottled drink in one swift (and sanitary) motion
  • Simple 2-piece construction with a "loader" that sits on top of a bottle and a "plunger"
  • Ideal for adding a lime in a cold Corona or Sol, an orange in a Blue Moon, or a lemon in soda
  • More sanitary than using your hands
  • Great for parties, tailgating, picnics, restaurants and busy bars
  • Provides optimum flavor distribution, with no mess

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