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Talking Microwaves

Talking Microwaves

Talking Microwaves

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If your microwave doesn't speak, you'll wish it could after seeing this cool new Talking Microwave in action (see videos). It has all the features of traditional microwave ovens, but this one actually talks you through the cooking process in either English or Spanish. When you are ready to cook something, simply use the quick selector wheel and scroll through the preset food options. The microwave will give out instructions, ask questions and tell you what it's doing the entire time. This high-tech 900 watt, 0.9 cu. ft microwave also features ten power levels, eight preset functions for common foods, five express cook one-touch settings, five memory setting buttons and bright blue LED lighting.

Although the novelty of a talking microwave would wear off rather quickly for most people, it's actually a very useful and helpful feature for the elderly and those who are sight-impaired. It's a step in the right direction for evolutionary microwave design and hopefully one day we can all have regular conversations with our appliances as we wait for them to do all our work for us. I have a feeling the future is going to be more annoying than we ever dreamt possible.

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