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Hoover Constellation - Hovering Canister Vacuum

Hoover Constellation - Hovering Canister Vacuum

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As far as I'm concerned nothing beats my little Roomba Robot Vacuum, since I don't have to do anything, but a hovering vacuum is something else. Now this technology is nothing new, because Hoover made a floating canister vac way back in the 1950's and this is simply a modern update of a space-age classic. This cool new and much improved Hoover Constellation - Stainless Steel Hovering Canister Vacuum has everything you would expect from a good vacuum, like a HEPA filter, assorted brushes and tools, a turbo power nozzle, and a nice stainless steel finish, but it doesn't come with what you usually expect... wheels! It uses a powerful 12 amp motor to not only deep clean, but to also hover and float smoothly on a cushion of air. Everyone hates lugging a vacuum around the house, but this one is nearly effortless and doesn't even leave marks on your carpeting as it floats over it. Pretty cool eh? Now, will someone please invent the Hoverboard already!

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Hoover Constellation - Hovering Canister Vacuum
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Hoover Constellation - Hovering Canister Vacuum
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Hoover Constellation - Hovering Canister Vacuum
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Hoover Constellation - Hovering Canister Vacuum
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Hoover Constellation - Hovering Canister Vacuum
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Hoover Constellation - Hovering Canister Vacuum
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Hoover Constellation - Hovering Canister Vacuum
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Hoover Constellation - Hovering Canister Vacuum
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Hoover Constellation - Hovering Canister Vacuum
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