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Hoover Constellation - Hovering Canister Vacuum

Hoover Constellation - Hovering Canister Vacuum

Hoover Constellation - Hovering Canister Vacuum

As far as I'm concerned nothing beats my little Roomba Robot Vacuum, since I don't have to do anything, but a hovering vacuum is something else. Now this technology is nothing new, Hoover made a floating canister vac back in the 50's and this is simply a modern update of a space-age classic. Check out the cool new and improved Hoover Constellation - Stainless Steel Hovering Canister Vacuum. This thing has everything you would expect from a good vacuum; HEPA filter, assorted brushes and tools, turbo power nozzle & a nice stainless steel finish, but it doesn't come with what you usually expect, Wheels! It uses a powerful 12 amp motor to not only deep clean, but to hover and float smoothly on a cushion of air. Everyone hates lugging around a vacuum through the house, this one is effortless. Pretty cool eh? Now, will someone please invent the Hoverboard already!



  • Powerful and quiet 12 amp motor
  • Floats on air for excellent mobility.
  • Turbo Power Nozzle
  • Breath Easy System with Hepa Filtration
  • Complete set of attachments for all your cleaning needs.

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