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Mocoro Robotic Furball Vacuum Cleaner

Mocoro Robotic Furball Vacuum Cleaner

Mocoro Robotic Furball Vacuum Cleaner

Have dirty and dusty floors and looking for an utterly absurd, yet seriously cute solution? Check out the cool new Mocoro Robotic Furball Vacuum Cleaner from Japan. Just set this microfiber furball on the floor, hardwood floors work best, and it automatically rolls around cleaning up your disgustingly dusty home for up to 3 hours. No bags need to be replaced or canisters need to be emptied, just use the special brush that's included to clean or just remove the mop and wash. I don't even care if it cleans anything, the cat will love it.

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  • Rolls automatically around home cleaning
  • When the floor is clean, just slip off the mop and wash it
  • Operates for up to three hours non-stop
  • Internal timer: around every 15 minutes
  • Materials: mop/polyester
  • Includes special brush for cleaning the mop ball
  • Power: AA batteries x 3 (not included)
  • Colors: pink, orange or green
  • Size: 4.8" x 4.8" x 4.6" - 9.5 oz

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