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Natural Pop-Up Sponges

Natural Pop-Up Sponges

Natural Pop-Up Sponges

Normally, I don't too excited about sponges, but check out these cool new Pop-Up Sponges. Every single bit of kitchen space is valuable including the space wasted by regular scrubbing sponges stored under the sink, but these flat, compressed, and all-natural cellulose sponges expand to full-size when immersed in water. They're highly absorbent and gentle on cookware and tableware and up to six of these unique space-saving sponges fill up the same space as a single normal one. To extend their life, just toss them in the dishwasher to extend their life and keep them clean and fresh. Sold in a set of six large sponges or twelve regular sponges in a variety of colors.

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  • Made of all-natural material, they're compressed to a thin rectangle for easy storage
  • Compressed to a flat, thin rectangle, so you can store six sponges in the space of one
  • Immersed in water, each sponge expands to full size
  • Made from all-natural cellulose
  • Highly absorbent and gentle on cookware and fine tableware
  • A run through the dishwasher keeps them clean and fresh
  • Large sponges sold in a set of 6
  • Regular sponges sold in a set of 12

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