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SimpleHuman CleanStation - Sanitizes Phones in Only 30 Seconds!

SimpleHuman CleanStation - Sanitizes Phones in Only 30 Seconds!

SimpleHuman CleanStation - Sanitizes Phones in Only 30 Seconds!

Now that we're all trying to be a bit more sanitary, we still reach out and grab our filthy and utterly disgusting phones hundreds of times a day to stare at. These germ-ridden phones are more like rectangular petri dishes than electronic devices, but there's a fast new solution to keep it regularly clean throughout the day. This cool new SimpleHuman CleanStation is a sleek and innovative phone sanitizing device that is 99.9% effective at destroying germs, viruses, and bacteria across the entire surface in only 30 seconds using 30 powerful UV-C LEDs in its Omni-Lux chamber. This is how long you should also be washing your hands, so do both at the same time. Just insert your phone through the laser-cut foam doors on top (it fits most even with their cases on) and watch as it sucks the phone down like bread into a toaster, blasts it safely with germ annihilating UV-C light, and then pops it back up when it's done cleaning. Available in brushed, slate, and white finishes.

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  • Your cell phone is a breeding ground for germs, and you touch it hundreds of times a day
  • Clean your phone in 30 seconds (no one is faster)
  • 99.9% effective across the entire surface of the phone
  • 30 powerful UV-C LEDs - Omni-Lux Chamber
  • Fast enough to use regularly throughout the day
  • Quick enough to use while washing your hands for a truly effective cleaning routine
  • Phone is automatically lowered and raised again when sanitized - all without you ever touching the device
  • Inner chamber is big enough to fit almost any phone (even with a standard case)
  • Laser-cut foam composite doors prevent UV-C light from escaping and dirt or dust from entering the omni-lux chamber
  • Array of optical sensors automatically shut the powerful UV-C LEDs off if irregular movement is detected
  • Slim enough to fit exactly where you need it
  • Size: 7.6" x 2" x 4.5"

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