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Glider Gloves - Entire Hand TouchScreen Gloves

Glider Gloves - Entire Hand TouchScreen Gloves

When you can't go five minutes without messing with some smartphone or tablet, outdoors in the freezing cold Winter months then you are probably aware that regular gloves don't work on touchscreens. Sure there are gloves out now with conductive fingertips and such, but these cool new Glider Gloves are designed for your entire hand and all ten fingers to work on a touchscreen device. They also keep your hands warm. Thankfully, very soon our next big problem will be hoverboards that don't work on water.


  • Use your touchsrceen device with gloves on
  • Made with a blend of conductive materials
  • Full hand and 10 fingers functionality with anti-slip grip on palms
  • Amazing touch response for accurate typing and easy swiping on all touch devices
  • Keeps hands warm - Soft brushed insulating layers
  • Winter style gloves are heavy duty with increased thickness and warmth
  • 43% Nylon, 40% Acrylic, 15% Copper, 2% Spandex

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