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Shark MessMaster - Portable Wet / Dry Shop Vacuum

Shark MessMaster - Portable Wet / Dry Shop Vacuum

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How often do you really need to lug around a giant shop vac to clean things up? For most smaller wet and dry messes that need more powerful suction than a traditional vacuum can handle, check out this cool new Shark MessMaster instead. This lightweight yet heavy duty grab-and-go wet / dry shop vacuum uses cyclonic separation technology to power through most tough messes, spills, and debris around your home without any loss of suction, can use any 2-13 gallon plastic bag to line the bin for easy disposal afterwards, and can rinse its hose and dustbin clean by simply sucking up a cup of water. It includes a squeegee tool, a carpet tool, a crevice tool, and an extension wand to help you tackle most messy situations. Check out the video below to see it in action.

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Shark MessMaster - Portable Wet / Dry Shop Vacuum
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Shark MessMaster - Portable Wet / Dry Shop Vacuum
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Shark MessMaster - Portable Wet / Dry Shop Vacuum
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Shark MessMaster - Portable Wet / Dry Shop Vacuum
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Shark MessMaster - Portable Wet / Dry Shop Vacuum
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Shark MessMaster - Portable Wet / Dry Shop Vacuum
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Shark MessMaster - Portable Wet / Dry Shop Vacuum
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Shark MessMaster - Portable Wet / Dry Shop Vacuum
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Shark MessMaster - Portable Wet / Dry Shop Vacuum
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