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Cordless Light Bulb

Cordless Light Bulb

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This cool new yet quite old-fashioned-inspired Cordless Light Bulb from Suck UK may look like a classic Edison incandescent light bulb at first glance, but then you'll notice that it's not screwed into a light socket. This cordless, double-take-inducing light bulb uses 100 tiny LEDs to recreate the filament look of an incandescent bulb and is powered via a rechargeable battery. You can place it on your desk or nightstand like a reading lamp, leave it on as a nightlight, use it like a flashlight in the darkness, perform magic tricks, complete your Uncle Fester costume, and more. In case you're worried, it's actually just a tad larger than a normal light bulb to prevent it from being screwed into an actual socket. 💡

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Cordless Light Bulb
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Cordless Light Bulb
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Cordless Light Bulb
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