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Hand-Crank Accordion Lantern

Hand-Crank Accordion Lantern

Found: January 29, 2014 | Location: Living / Lighting

Whether you're out camping in the great outdoors or just surviving through a power outage, this cool new Hand-Crank Accordion Lantern by designer Wu Jian Jun will definitely come in handy. When compressed, this portable, space-saving illuminator acts like a flashlight and when uncompressed, it acts like a lantern with two brightness settings. There's no need to worry about dead batteries, because it features a hand-crank dynamo on top for charging via human power or it can be charged via USB when that's available as well. Unfortunately, it only produces light and doesn't work like an actual musical accordion.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This helps support the site. Thanks!
As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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