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20 Million Candlepower Spotlight / Emergency Power Station

20 Million Candlepower Spotlight / Emergency Power Station

Turn night into day and bring dead gadgets back to life with this cool new Rechargeable Spotlight and Power Pack. This powerful and portable 20 million candlepower spotlight throws out a super bright beam of light from a stay-cool 120-watt halogen bulb that's perfect for illuminating the indoors or the outdoors and has a convenient built-in USB port and 12V DC outlet to keep smartphones charged and other small devices powered on during outages, emergencies, or just while out camping. It features a handy swivel head for directing the light where you need it, high/low beam intensities, 12 additional LED area lights along the front bezel, and an adjustable shoulder strap for carrying this mighty lumen-spewing beast around. The only downside is that it doesn't include a bat symbol to shine up on the clouds.

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