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Hidden Valley Ranch Mini Keg - One Year Supply!

Hidden Valley Ranch Mini Keg - One Year Supply!

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What is going to be THE hot Christmas gift this holiday season? Look no further because it has to be this cool new Hidden Valley Ranch Mini Keg. Yep, this hilarious metal mini keg holds a year's supply of tasty Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing. I don't know if it will last a whole year since it tastes great on everything and is gonna go fast, but 5 liters should still last quite a bit of time. Perfect for the appetizer table at any proper party, as a centerpiece on a fancy dining table, next to a salad bar in a restaurant, the office break room fridge, and obviously should be an integral part of any bulk emergency food supply in a prepper's doomsday survival bunker. It's also stackable, so stock up. It makes the perfect gift for that hard to buy for someone and also pairs nicely with the equally cool new Hidden Valley Ranch Dipping Fountain ... seriously.

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Hidden Valley Ranch Mini Keg - One Year Supply!
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Hidden Valley Ranch Mini Keg - One Year Supply!
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Hidden Valley Ranch Mini Keg - One Year Supply!
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Hidden Valley Ranch Mini Keg - One Year Supply!
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Hidden Valley Ranch Mini Keg - One Year Supply!
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Hidden Valley Ranch Mini Keg - One Year Supply!
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Hidden Valley Ranch Mini Keg - One Year Supply!
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Hidden Valley Ranch Mini Keg - One Year Supply!
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Hidden Valley Ranch Mini Keg - One Year Supply!
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