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Self-Defense Baseball Bat Flashlight

Self-Defense Baseball Bat Flashlight

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Even though the world seems to have lost its collective mind lately, I think we still have the right to defend ourselves and own flashlights... I think. The cool new Self-Defense Baseball Bat Flashlight provides a little extra security and illumination in the darkness with a powerful 200 Lumen Single Cree Q5 LED bulb that's bright enough to temporarily blind or daze an attacker and a heavy-duty, anodized aluminum bat frame for taking them out in self-defense should they decide to physically attack.

The Baseball Bat Flashlight features a 3-mode switch (high, low, and tactical strobe), a scratch- and corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum frame, and a cross-checkered handle for positive grip in any situation. Great for keeping in the bedroom in case of a home intrusion, when out walking at night, in a women's purse, in the car, during a zombie attack/alien invasion/general apocalypse, and more.

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