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Penlights - LED Lighted Tip Ballpoint Pens

Penlights - LED Lighted Tip Ballpoint Pens

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These cool new Penlights from Glowseen GS are ballpoint pens with handy LED lighted tips for writing and reading in the dark. This pack of two pens look like traditional, high quality ballpoint pens, except for the illuminated tip that provides focused lighting on the writing surface. The tips are available with white, warm white, red, or green lighting options and include extra batteries and ink refills. They're perfect for bedroom nightstands, police detectives, movie critics, campsites, rideshare / delivery / taxi drivers, waiters, pilots, emergencies, vehicles, or just any place you may need to see in the dark while writing, jotting down notes and ideas, or reading. Great solution.

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Wallet Pen - Ultra Tiny Sterling Silver Pen
An ultra tiny pen that is handcrafted from sterling silver and covertly clips into the empty space in the fold of every wallet without adding any bulk.
Magnetic Fidget Pen
This entertaining fidget toy is actually a functional pen in normal use, but can be disassembled into a variety of pieces that are all magnetic, allowing the creation of a multitude of little sculptures, patterns, and shapes when you have nothing better to do or need to get the creative juices reflowing.
Kikkerland Invisible Ink Pen With UV Light Tip
This invisible ink pen has a built-in UV light in the tip to see what you're writing and the invisible writings that you receive in return.
Feather Gel Pen
Do you fancy the look of an ancient quill feather pen, but prefer the more satisfying writing experience from a modern, smooth-gliding gel pen? Look no further.
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Enjoy the scent of freshly cut flowers and the beauty of nature as you sit trapped at some stuffy desk in a windowless office all day with this Vase Desk Pen.
The Ex - Voodoo Doll Pen Holder
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Penlights - LED Lighted Tip Ballpoint Pens
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Penlights - LED Lighted Tip Ballpoint Pens
The cool new multi-functional Castlight may appear to be a very decorative candle holder, but it's actually a powerful LED flashlight in disguise. The innovative design allows it to be hidden in plain site so it's readily available and easily accessible whenever the next power outtage strikes.
Penlights - LED Lighted Tip Ballpoint Pens
Futuristic hanging lantern with multiple brightness settings and a flickering candle-mode!
Penlights - LED Lighted Tip Ballpoint Pens
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Penlights - LED Lighted Tip Ballpoint Pens
This super-powered 40 million candlepower flashlight/spotlight can not only light up the night and your neighbor's house with its advanced high-intensity discharge (HID) 35 Watt bulb, it can even be used to jump start your car.
Penlights - LED Lighted Tip Ballpoint Pens
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Penlights - LED Lighted Tip Ballpoint Pens
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Penlights - LED Lighted Tip Ballpoint Pens
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Penlights - LED Lighted Tip Ballpoint Pens
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