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SPARKR - Windproof Plasma Lighter, Flashlight, and Lantern

SPARKR - Windproof Plasma Lighter, Flashlight, and Lantern

SPARKR - Windproof Plasma Lighter, Flashlight, and Lantern

No matter whether you're out camping deep in the woods, hiking through the great outdoors, or just surviving through a power outage at home, this cool new SPARKR from Power Practical will come in mighty handy. This rugged, water-resistant device combines a windproof plasma arc lighter, LED flashlight, and lantern all-in-one. On one end is a bright LED flashlight with 3 brightness settings up to 400 lumens and on the other end is an innovative plasma lighter that generates a windproof, flameless electric arc that can easily ignite kindling or paper in the wind, rain, or snow. To use as a lantern, the translucent lighter safety cap is simply placed over the flashlight end to double as a light diffuser. It includes a noodle utility tie to hang it from hooks, branches, or inside your tent, is IPX5 water-resistant, Micro USB rechargeable, and has an anodized aluminum body with rubberized plastic that iss designed to withstand the elements yet remain lightweight. Check out this VIDEO to see it in action.

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  • Fire and light in one - Lighter on one end and an LED flashlight / lantern on the other
  • Electric plasma lighter - Creates a windproof, flameless electric arc to easily spark up kindling and paper in wind, rain or snow
  • Flashlight: 3 brightness settings (up to 400 Lumens)
  • Lantern: Translucent lighter safety cap doubles as a diffuser for the flashlight to turn it into a lantern for camping / nightlight / tent light
  • To prevent any unwanted fires, the lighter requires a 3-click activation and a click and hold to turn on
  • Hang with included universal, reusable tie to easily hang it to hooks, branches, or your tent for hands-free light
  • Water-resistant: IPX5
  • Large 3,350 mAh rechargeable Li-Ion cell keeps lighter sparking for hundreds of uses / 12 hours of light
  • Anodized aluminum body and rubberized plastic allows it to withstand rugged conditions but still remain lightweight
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Light Output: 400 Lumens
  • USB Input: 5W (5V,1A)
  • Charge Time: 3.5 Hours
  • Colors: Silver or Black

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