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IMALENT MS18 - World's Brightest Flashlight - 100,000 Lumens!

IMALENT MS18 - World's Brightest Flashlight - 100,000 Lumens!

IMALENT MS18 - World's Brightest Flashlight - 100,000 Lumens!

When you absolutely, positively, need to unleash the brightest and most powerful flashlight in the world, put on your sunglasses (at night), and activate this cool new IMALENT MS18 Flashlight. This epic ultra wide beam flashlight produces up to 100,000 lumens of blinding illumination that instantly transforms night into day for up to 1350 meters (4429 feet). It features 9 brightness intensity modes from 700 lumens up to 100,000 lumens using 18 US CREE XHP70 2nd LEDs, has a strobe, has a rechargeable battery pack, has built-in heat dissipation fans, is IP56 standard waterproof, and has a built-in multi-functional OLED display display. It's perfect for power outages, lighting up large areas like your entire neighborhood, exploring, search and rescue missions, spelunking, emergency situations, camping, signaling superheroes, blinding intruders in your home, spotlighting obnoxious nosy neighbors on your property, setting paper on fire, signaling for help, searching for things, Hollywood-style movie premieres, and so much more.

Check out the video below to see it in action and please shine this flashlight responsibly. 🔦😎

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  • IMALENT MS18 Super Bright Light - Illuminate the World!
  • World's Brightest Flashlight - 100,000 Lumens
  • 18 US CREE XHP70 2nd LEDs with a maximum output up to 100,000 lumens
  • Long throw up to 1350 meters (Nearly 4429ft)
  • 9 Modes - (700lm / 2000lm / 5000lm / 10,000lm / 22,000lm / 30,000lm / 60,000lm / 100,000lm / Strobe)
  • Multi-functional OLED display display various parameters and settings
  • Ultra wide beam effortlessly illuminates a whole room or backyard
  • 50 times brighter than car lights
  • Waterproof: IP56
  • Impact Resistance: 1.5m
  • Run Time: Up To 14hr 52min
  • Turbo: 100,000-25000 Lumens - 60s / 52min
  • High III: 60,000-25,000 Lumens - 70s / 55min
  • High II: 30,000-25,000 Lumens - 3.8min / 60min
  • High I: 22,000 Lumens - 67 min
  • Middle II: 10,000 Lumens - 3hr 40min
  • Middle I: 5,000 Lumens - 6hr 50min
  • Middle Low: 2,000 Lumens - 9hr 15min
  • Low: 700 Lumens - 14hr 52min
  • Powered by a rechargeable battery pack (included)
  • Built-in safety self-testing intelligent charging circuit, convenient, fast, and safe
  • Eight levels which can be exchanged quickly and instant Turbo
  • Built-in switch indicator lights, easy to find the switch in the darkness
  • High efficiency constant current circuit will maintain constant brightness
  • Built-in thermal control module will automatically adjust the brightness output, keep using comfortably
  • Built-in heat pipe radiator with excellent heat dissipation equipped with a silent inlet and outlet fan
  • Combination of toughened ultra-clear mineral and anti-reflective coating glass Aluminum OP reflector
  • Aerospace-grade aluminum alloy body, wear-resistant Type III hard-anodized surface treatment
  • Good for power outage, camping, hiking, caving, exploring etc

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