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Triple Hanging Planter Metal Garden Trellis

Triple Hanging Planter Metal Garden Trellis

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Elevate your favorite blooms and greenery, give support to flowering vines and climbing plants, gain natural privacy, hide unsightly bare areas, and add decorative height to your home's landscaping or garden with this cool new Triple Hanging Planter Metal Garden Trellis. This tall, all-weather metal garden trellis has three central openings for hanging the included planters with coco liners or you can interchange them with your own wind chimes, hummingbird feeders, and more. It's a versatile and elegant way to enhance your home's outdoor decor this Spring.

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Triple Hanging Planter Metal Garden Trellis
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Triple Hanging Planter Metal Garden Trellis
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Triple Hanging Planter Metal Garden Trellis
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Triple Hanging Planter Metal Garden Trellis
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Triple Hanging Planter Metal Garden Trellis
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Triple Hanging Planter Metal Garden Trellis
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Triple Hanging Planter Metal Garden Trellis
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Triple Hanging Planter Metal Garden Trellis
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