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Vented Air Conditioner Cover

Vented Air Conditioner Cover

Vented Air Conditioner Cover

This cool new Vented Air Conditioner Cover is a heavy-duty cover that keeps your central A/C unit outside covered in the off-season to protect it from leaves, ice, snow, rain, birds, and other debris from collecting in and on the compressor housing. It features vents on all sides to promote airflow to prevent freezing condensation, elastic along the bottom to keep it in place on windy days, and a cloth-like look and feel. Available in square or round sizes in a neutral moss brown color. Great solution for keeping your air conditioner clean and ready for the hot summer.

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  • Heavy-duty, durable Air Conditioner Cover (square or round)
  • Outside cover protects your central A/C unit during the off-season
  • Protects from ice, snow, rain, birds, leaves, and debris collecting in and on the compressor housing
  • Elastic around the bottom helps keep the cover from blowing off on windy days
  • Vents on all sides improve airflow and help prevent condensation buildup that could freeze and cause leaks
  • Neutral moss brown color with a cloth-like look and feel
  • Stays flexible even in extreme temperatures - easy to put on and take off
  • Includes: Air conditioner cover, wrap-around strap
  • Materials: Polyester, PVC
  • Size Round: 34" Diameter x 30" H
  • Size Square: 34" Sq. x 30" H

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