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Avalanche - Roof Snow Removal System

Avalanche - Roof Snow Removal System

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This winter, prevent costly roof damage from heavy snowfalls and ice dams on the eaves by simply removing the snow with ease using this cool new Avalanche - Roof Snow Removal System. Once assembled, just push the lightweight, long reach handle that's attached to a wheeled cutter frame up the snowy roof, yell AVALANCHE!, and watch as large amounts of snow slide safely down the attached slide. Repeat until the roof is snow free. That's it. It cuts through snow like butter and won't break your back like a traditional snow rake. Check out the video below to see it in action.

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MAXSA Escaper Buddy Vehicle Traction Mats For Snow, Ice, Sand, and Mud
These cool new MAXSA Escaper Buddy Vehicle Traction Mats not only can help your vehicle escape from being stuck in the snow and ice in the wildest of winter weather, they can also help you when driving through the sand at the beach or desert or even through the mud when driving off-road or on the farm.
Outdoor Heated Bird Bath
This winter, give your favorite backyard feathered friends a spa-like retreat to hang out, hydrate, and bathe in with this outdoor heated bird bath.
Blade Runner Style LED Umbrella
Light up the night and stay extra visible with this Blade Runner style umbrella with a 7 color LED illuminated shaft and a built-in flashlight in the handle.
Ultra-Realistic Cat Face Ski Mask
The next time you hit the slopes or just venture outdoors to shovel snow off your driveway, cause double-takes everywhere when you slip on this cool new ultra-realistic cat face ski mask.
Stained Glass Umbrella
A large see-through umbrella from Japan with a beautiful stained glass pattern that allows colorful light to shine through, but not the rain.
VentureHeat - Ultimate Rechargeable Heated Gloves
When skiing, snowboarding, shoveling snow, throwing snowballs or just spending any extended time out in the frigid winter weather, keep your hands extra toasty warm with these cool new VentureHeat - Ultimate Rechargeable Heated Gloves.
Zeus - All-In-One Snow Shovel, Brush, and Ice Scraper
This compact snow and ice clearing multi-tool combines a shovel, brush, and ice scraper, all-in-one.
Winter Salt Sprinkler For Icy Walkways and Driveways
A handy tool for evenly sprinkling de-icing salt on your home's walkways and driveway.
The Hot Seat - Portable Heated Chair
This portable folding chair has an innovative USB-powered heated seat that safely warms up to 110 degrees F with just a push of a button.

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Avalanche - Roof Snow Removal System
This tough, multi-purpose utility / flatbed cart can hold a 12 cubic foot heap up to a whopping 1,400 pounds on its steel mesh bed.
Avalanche - Roof Snow Removal System
This rugged bottle opener started out as a real working wrench that's been retooled from tightening bolts to ripping caps off bottles with ease.
Avalanche - Roof Snow Removal System
This kinetic sand zen garden automatically rolls a small metal ball silently through illuminated white sand to create hundreds of mesmerizing patterns.
Avalanche - Roof Snow Removal System
This wall-mounted cast iron kindling maker is the safer and easier way to make your own kindling from softwood logs like pine or spruce.
Avalanche - Roof Snow Removal System
A multi-function ultrasonic distance measuring tool and laser targeting device that fits in the palm of your hand
Avalanche - Roof Snow Removal System
Whether it's an emergency / survival situation, construction / demolition job, or a voracious brain-munching zombie is in your way... you can't go wrong carrying this hardcore all-purpose tool.
Avalanche - Roof Snow Removal System
The world's first portable, motor-driven extension cord manager automatically winds at the touch of a button.
Avalanche - Roof Snow Removal System
A tight sealing clip and convenient carrying handle for large bags, such as potting soil, fertilizer, pet food, ice salt, bird seed, BBQ charcoal, and more.
Avalanche - Roof Snow Removal System
This ingenious pumpkin gutting tool attaches to any drill like a drill bit to power through the gooey seeds and strings without all the mess.

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