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Avalanche - Roof Snow Removal System

Avalanche - Roof Snow Removal System

Avalanche - Roof Snow Removal System

This winter, prevent costly roof damage from heavy snowfalls and ice dams on the eaves by simply removing the snow with ease using this cool new Avalanche - Roof Snow Removal System. Once assembled, just push the lightweight, long reach handle that's attached to a wheeled cutter frame up the snowy roof, yell AVALANCHE!, and watch as large amounts of snow slide safely down the attached slide. Repeat until the roof is snow free. That's it. It cuts through snow like butter and won't break your back like a traditional snow rake. Check out the video below to see it in action.

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  • Easily removes large amounts of snow from the roof
  • Remove hard to reach snow near the roof peaks and high ledges
  • State of the art product that literally cuts the snow off your roof
  • Simply slide it up the roof and the snow falls off the roof with little effort
  • Lightweight materials and powerful slide make removing snow easier than cutting butter
  • By attaching the wheels to Avalanche, your roof will be protected and prevent ice dams from building up
  • Removes up to a ton of snow per minute
  • Patented cutter frame with 1-1/2-Inch wheels
  • Long reach and wide hold
  • Lightweight - entire Avalanche kit weighs roughly 10 pounds
  • With the long reach and light aluminum material, the Avalanche helps prevent back pains for all ages
  • 16' lightweight fiberglass handle in four - 4' sections
  • Snap-on coupler system for easy storage
  • Easy assembly, No Tools Needed!
  • 17" x 8' plastic slide
  • 16-foot lightweight fiberglass handle

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