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Snowing Christmas Tree

Snowing Christmas Tree

Snowing Christmas Tree

Normally, seeing it snow inside your home would bring a bah-humbug to your holiday festiveness, but I think you'll be enchanted with the idea when you see this cool new Snowing Christmas Tree from Holiday Cheer Co. This magical tabletop Christmas tree blows reusable faux snow up through the top to simulate an endless delicate snowfall effect upon its branches and all the way down to its umbrella-shaped base that collects the snow for recirculation. While you sit mesmerized watching the snowfall effect, also enjoy listening to the sounds of the season as it plays 25 different Christmas melodies, which can also be turned off. It features 100 white led micro-lights, 24 red and gold ornaments, and a variable speed control to control the snowfall. Best of all, no shoveling or decorating required. Check out he video below to see this indoor winter wonderland in action. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

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  • Let it snow! An extraordinary Christmas tree that actually snows!
  • Cascading snowfall effect with variable speed control
  • Plays 25 Christmas melodies with on/off switch
  • 24 Red and Gold Ornaments
  • 100 white led micro-lights
  • Listen to the songs of Christmas while watching the light show and delicate snowfall over the tree branches
  • Size: 4.5' H

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