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Giant Caroling Candlestick Statues

Giant Caroling Candlestick Statues

Giant Caroling Candlestick Statues

Mix up your typical Christmas decor this holiday season with these cool new Luminary Candle Door Sentry Statues. These two giant caroling candlesticks, Hans and Ingrid, stand almost 6 feet tall and are perfect for flanking a door, fireplace, driveway, someone's bed in the middle of the night for a terrifying morning surprise prank, or any place humongous singing candles would seem festive and appropriate. Available individually or in pairs, but, obviously, the bigger the choir of caroling candles dominating your entire front lawn and annoying the neighbors the better.

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  • Hans and Ingrid singing candlesticks
  • Giant-sized luminaries to flank a doorway or fireplace
  • Sculpted with details from tip-top faux flames to sturdy, weighted bases
  • Almost 6-foot high statues are cast in reinforced fiberglass designer resin
  • Painted in festive hues
  • Choose a soloist or collect an entire choir!
  • Size Hans: 20" Diameter x70.5" H - 31 lbs
  • Size Ingrid: 18.5" Diameter x 67.5" H - 28 lbs

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