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Arby's Deep Fried Turkey Pillow / Sleep Mask

Arby's Deep Fried Turkey Pillow / Sleep Mask

Arby's Deep Fried Turkey Pillow / Sleep Mask

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If you just can't get enough turkey on Thanksgiving, even after passing out on the couch afterwards, then slip your head into the rear end of this cool new Arby's Deep Fried Turkey Pillow. Yep, Arby's made a huge deep-fried turkey shaped pillow that you wear over your entire head, plus it doubles as a stylish sleep mask as well. Unfortunately, it sold out rather quickly and not sure if it will be re-stocked, but you can still register to win one on their website and receive a 50% off any Turkey Sandwich or Wrap coupon in return. Now, if you absolutely must wear a turkey on your head this Thanksgiving, this hilarious pillow is already available for super-inflated prices on the eBay links below. Gobble! Gobble! 🦃


  • Arby’s unpatented Deep Fried Turkey Pillow is part stylish sleep mask, part cloud, and all your new favorite pillow
  • Eat too much deep fried turkey from Arby’s, put on your pillow, and fall asleep anywhere!

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