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7 1/2 Foot Slumber Bear

7 1/2 Foot Slumber Bear

7 1/2 Foot Slumber Bear

When you combine a bear skin rug, a stuffed animal and a massive, over-sized bean bag chair, you get something like this cool new 7 1/2 Foot Slumber Bear. Sure, kids like dragging around cute little Teddy Bears, but they'll absolutely love lounging and napping on this practically lifesize one. This huge 90" bear pillow can be maneuvered into any position and is made from 100% polyester fur and shaped with 50 lbs of lofty polyester fill. This luxurious stuffed bruin features durable, hand-stitched seams, molded plastic eyes, a tan muzzle, and a leather nose. Best of all, this bear isn't hungry and seems to be more or less very happy.

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  • Plush teddy bear that spans 7 1/2' when sprawled across a floor as a compliant sleeping area for a child
  • Made from velvety-soft, 100% polyester fur, shaped with 50 lbs. of lofty polyester fill to give it a welcoming, rotund appearance
  • Can be maneuvered into any position a child can concoct
  • Eyes exceed pull tests of up to 20 lbs
  • Hand-stitched seams provide long-lasting durability
  • Size: 90" L x 42" W x 30" H - 51 lbs

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