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Monkey Alert! Puki the Baby Monkey

Monkey Alert! Puki the Baby Monkey

Monkey Alert! Puki the Baby Monkey

I would love to have a real monkey here at Green Head Headquarters all dressed up in the latest Green Head Gear and hanging out at the watercooler. Well a real monkey also needs diapers, bites and can be generally unruly and rude. So the next best thing I found is a realistic robotic head version named Puki the Baby Monkey - not sure if it's pronounced "Pukey" or "Pooki". He is basically the monkey version of the Tickle me Elmo in that when you tickle him or pat his head he gets excited, starts making monkey noises and moves his head and mouth. Only his head seems to be robotic, but unlike the Alive Chimpanzee Head, this baby monkey has a full posable body and can hang from things like the ceiling in your office at work. One day though, I hope they make a full-size robotic monkey that I can take walks with, but until then Puki is pretty cool.

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