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Big Tree Fort Playhouse

Big Tree Fort Playhouse

Big Tree Fort Playhouse


When your kids aren't quite old enough to build a tree fort of their own high up in the branches outside, now you can give them a fun indoor alternative with this cool new Big Tree Fort Playhouse. This massive cardboard hideaway is a whimsical hollow tree that stands seven feet tall and includes a door and windows built into its mighty trunk. It's plenty big enough for several kids to play in and is constructed of sturdy cardboard that easily assembles using a slotted design. Check out this VIDEO to see it in action. Hmm, now I wish I had one of these in my office just to go hide away in.

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  • Big Tree Fort offers endless imaginative play
  • Make up a whole new world inside our cozy hollow tree hideaway
  • Spacious and sturdy cardboard fort offers magical play space for several children and their favorite toys
  • A perfect place for kids to pretend the day away
  • Sturdy construction, slotted cardboard design
  • Requires two adults to assemble
  • For ages 4 and up
  • Size: 7' H x 58" Diameter

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