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Squawkers McCaw FurReal Interactive Parrot

Squawkers McCaw FurReal Interactive Parrot

Squawkers McCaw FurReal Interactive Parrot

I totally want a Squawkers McCaw - FurReal Interactive Parrot for my office! He's a really cool full-sized interactive toy parrot who, just like a real parrot, repeats words, can be taught to speak, responds to touch, makes sassy sounds and even dances. There are plenty of fun possibilities for an advanced toy like this that can repeat and learn what you are saying and unlike a real parrot, which I have always wanted, there's absolutely no maintenance! Now parents, if you do get Squawkers McCaw for your kids, be fully prepared for a non-stop verbal assault of colorful words, because you just know that those few select words will be the first ones taught to this bird. lol, oh the fun an animatronic toy like this can be in the right hands...

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  • Squawkers will repeat in a squawky voice - any words spoken to him.
  • Squawkers will respond to preprogrammed phrases, such as "Hello" and "Are you hungry?", with his own phrases.
  • Parrot comes with toy cracker, remote control, perch and instructions
  • You can "teach" the parrot to respond to you by programming voice commands or prompts.
  • Squawkers can also be "humorous" and "playful" by randomly responding to his pre-programmed phrases in a nonsensical way.
  • Squawkers will move his head, flap his wings and make cooing sounds when he is touched on the back or on the top of the head.
  • Squawkers will give a kiss when his beak is touched.
  • Squawkers will eat when he is given his cracker. (But, when fed too much, he may get the hiccups!)
  • Squawkers will go to sleep when you say "good night" or when the room is dark.

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