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Original Jishaku - Magnetic Attraction Game

Original Jishaku - Magnetic Attraction Game

Original Jishaku - Magnetic Attraction Game

Put down the video game controller, flick off your phone app and shut your laptop, because there's finally a cool new board game to play in the real world called Jishaku. Jishaku is the Japanese term for Magnet and that's what this game's all about. Besides the rules of attraction, Jishaku is super simple to play. Just be the first player to place all your magnetic stones on the foam game board to win the game. Sounds easy right? Well, if you don't think strategically before placing each super-strong rare earth magnet stone, it will attract other pieces from adjoining spaces, which then become yours. The game includes 18 polished magnetic stones, a foam game board and a wooden storage box. Looks like fun.



  • Jishaku - Japanese for Magnet
  • First player to dispose of all their pieces wins the game
  • Avoid attracting stones from adjoining spaces
  • Super-strong rare earth magnets
  • Polished Hematite stones onto a foam game board
  • 18 magnetic stones and a wooden storage box
  • Size: 9.5" L x 7.5" W x 2.5" H - 3 lbs

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