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Back To The Future Hoverboard

Back To The Future Hoverboard

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Great Scott Buttheads! There must have been some sort of disruption in the space-time continuum or a flying Delorean time machine with a flux capacitor has fallen into the right hands, because just like clockwork, the cool new/retro/futuristic Back To The Future Hoverboard has finally popped into existence. It's about time.

Sure it's not 2015 yet and these 1:1 scale Hoverboards don't actually hover, but perhaps these are the actual originals invented in 2012 by Mattel that would be upgraded to eventually hover in future 2015 versions and that those were brought back in time to use on the set of Back to the Future II to flat out confuse the entire planet. That's a possibility, but these early prototypes are officially sanctioned Hoverboards from Universal Studios, Bob Gale the producer on the films, and the original films' special effects supervisor. They gently glide over most level surfaces, make authentic "whooshing" sounds sampled directly from the films, and include the best features of the more than 30 slight variations of Hoverboard props used in the movies. Unfortunately, the equally cool auto-lacing Nike Air Mags are not included... yet.

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