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Bitzee - Touchable Interactive Digital Pet

Bitzee - Touchable Interactive Digital Pet

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If you thought a simple digital pocket pet with a tiny LCD screen was amazing back in the 90s, then check out this cool new Bitzee. Instead of a traditional 2D screen, this futuristic interactive digital pet uses a 3D hologram-like display technology of rapidly fluttering, color-changing LEDs to generate a cute little animal character that magically appears to be floating in mid-air. Just open the jewelry box-like handheld pod and it instantly appears. The little virtual pet can be touched from the top and it responds accordingly and it also reacts to swipes, tilts, and shakes as well. Just like a real pet, you can play with it, feed it, clean up after it, rock it to sleep, and much more. If you love and care for it enough, it will grow up into an adult and then into a Super Bitzee, but if you don't... it might leave you entirely. Once you unlock the Super Bitzee, you can play games and then try to attract other Bitzees as well. There's 15 of them to collect in all. This definitely has to be the coolest new toy of the year. Check out the videos below to see it in action. Cool huh?

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Bitzee - Touchable Interactive Digital Pet
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Bitzee - Touchable Interactive Digital Pet
An innovative device that lets you see, speak to, treat, and snap pics of your pets while you're away, right from your smartphone.
Bitzee - Touchable Interactive Digital Pet
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Bitzee - Touchable Interactive Digital Pet
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Bitzee - Touchable Interactive Digital Pet
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Bitzee - Touchable Interactive Digital Pet
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Bitzee - Touchable Interactive Digital Pet
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Bitzee - Touchable Interactive Digital Pet
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Bitzee - Touchable Interactive Digital Pet
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