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Heated Cat Blanket

Heated Cat Blanket

Heated Cat Blanket

The cat around here is a relaxtion and comfort expert. Like a heat-seeking missile, she is able to target the perfect warm spot and then sprawl out, regardless of who's way she's in. Well, if you want to be able to redirect and pick the ideal napping location for your cat or just want to protect your furniture from excess fur, check out this cool new yet cozy warm Heated Cat Blanket. This oversized plush cat blanket automatically warms to a constant 102° F when the cat lays down and drops down to a few degrees above ambient room temperature when they leave. It features a silky cover that attracts fur to protect furniture and is removable for easy machine washing. It even comes with a free car adapter, if you can actually get a cat into the car without a fight.

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  • Plush cat blanket warms to a constant 102° F
  • Place this heated pad in your cat's favorite lounging spots
  • Attracts hair to protect furniture
  • Cat can lounge in heated comfort all around your home
  • Luxurious silky plush cover surrounds the heated pad insert
  • Stays just a couple degrees above ambient room temp when cat leaves
  • Includes a free car adapter
  • Size: 24" x 36"

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