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Miniature Tents For Cats

Miniature Tents For Cats

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You know those cool little display tents used in stores to sell full-sized camping tents? Well, if you have a cat, I'm sure you've wished you get the store to sell you one, but they always refuse. There's finally good news on the tiny cat tent front though, because these cool new Cat Camp Tents now exist. Yep, these miniature camping tents are designed just for lucky, pampered cats who wish to rough it a bit while they snooze the day away, hide from the evil vacuum cleaner, or just plan another future surprise attack. Each tent is crafted from materials consistent with normal tents, have a side-zipped entrance, a secret hatch in the rear, a fluffy microfiber fleece pad, and a durable heavy weather cover. Just like everything else, you also get to put it together, just like a real tent, all while your cat sits there and stares at you.

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Presidential Podium Cat Scratcher
Does your cat have some good ideas about politics and look good on camera too? Make them leader of the free world behind this Presidential Podium Scratcher.
Heated Pet Bowl
This winter, your dog won't be getting his tongue stuck to a frozen-solid ice bowl anymore!
Cardboard Retro Rocket Ship for Space Cats
This whimsical cat playhouse is shaped like a retro, space age rocket ship constructed from strong, recycled cardboard.
Breed Retreat - Luxurious Modern Hen House
This modern architectural hen house has multiple levels and sections for chickens to retreat, lay eggs, and live the relaxing life of luxury.
Cardboard Cat Tank Playhouse
It's probably not the best idea to teach cats how to use armored military fighting vehicles, but they do look adorable in them like in this Cardboard Cat Tank.
Cat Forest Climbing Tree
This unique non-tipping cat climbing tree has a central trunk that is height adjustable to fit between the floor and ceiling and has steps with removable covers that encircle it all the way to the top.
Hawaiian Shirts For Dogs
These authentic Hawaiian shirts for dogs are made in Hawaii and feature the classic collage of palm trees, blue ocean water, islands, and tropical flowers.
Pet Cool Bed III
Innovative pet bed helps to keep your dog cool, dry and comfy during the dog days of summer!
Pet Lounger With Sun-Shielding Canopy
This summer, on the dog days of it, help keep your pet cool and comfortable outdoors on the patio with you with this cool new Canopied Pet Lounger.

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Miniature Tents For Cats
No matter whether you're camping on the moon of Endor, Darth Vader's backyard, or just outside somewhere in your own galaxy, do it in Galactic Empire style inside this cool new small moon, er, Star Wars Death Star Dome Tent.
Miniature Tents For Cats
A nearly 30 foot wide inflatable Irish pub for your next backyard party that inflates in only five minutes.
Miniature Tents For Cats
This fun, mess-free Air Fort inflates in only 30 seconds by placing an ordinary box fan on one end and can fit up to 5 kids / adults comfortably inside.
Miniature Tents For Cats
World's first waterproof jacket with an integrated tent/shelter, mosquito netting and sleeping bag!
Miniature Tents For Cats
This ingenious temporary treehouse is basically a tent that vertically hangs from a sturdy tree branch - hammer and nails not required.
Miniature Tents For Cats
Can't find your tent at night? Tired of tripping over the tent's guy lines? Need to signal an emergency in the dark? These innovative aluminum tent stakes have built-in LED lights tent stakes have built-in LED lights that provide up to 17 lumens of light each around your tent.UCO StakeLights - LED Tent Stakes With Emergency Strobe
Miniature Tents For Cats
Combines a hammock and a tent for the ultimate in camping location versatility and bug free accommodations.
Miniature Tents For Cats
This innovative tent quickly pops up and assembles in only 60 seconds!
Miniature Tents For Cats
This massive dome-shaped gazebo is perfect for outdoor parties, BBQs, patios, festivals, events, the beach, campsites, weddings, sporting events, and much more.

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