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Miniature Tents For Cats

Miniature Tents For Cats

Miniature Tents For Cats

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You know those cool little display tents used in stores to sell full-sized camping tents? Well, if you have a cat, I'm sure you've wished you get the store to sell you one, but they always refuse. There's finally good news on the tiny cat tent front though, because these cool new Cat Camp Tents now exist. Yep, these miniature camping tents are designed just for lucky, pampered cats who wish to rough it a bit while they snooze the day away, hide from the evil vacuum cleaner, or just plan another future surprise attack. Each tent is crafted from materials consistent with normal tents, have a side-zipped entrance, a secret hatch in the rear, a fluffy microfiber fleece pad, and a durable heavy weather cover. Just like everything else, you also get to put it together, just like a real tent, all while your cat sits there and stares at you.

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