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PetBrella - Pet Umbrella & Tie-Out Stake

PetBrella - Pet Umbrella & Tie-Out Stake

PetBrella - Pet Umbrella & Tie-Out Stake

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Worried about your pet overheating in a yard without shade? Your pet can snooze comfortably in the shade of the PetBrella - Pet Umbrella & Tie-Out Stake, an oversize 6-foot wide pet umbrella, which can be tilted to provide the best sun protection throughout the day. It provides ample shade for pets up to 100 pounds and comes with a sturdy steel tie-out stake, tangle free leash attachment and carry bag.



  • Portable, lightweight. Great for the park or camping. Sets up in seconds!
  • Available in Hunter Green, Khaki and Yellow.
  • Comes with high quality, 6 ft dia. Scotchgarded cloth umbrella, sturdy steel tie-out stake with swivel and carrying case.
  • Umbrella has built-in tilt mechanism
  • Petís lead will not get tangled up in the shelter

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