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Dog Leash Dumbbells

Dog Leash Dumbbells

With these cool new Dog Leash Dumbbells you can combine an upper body workout while taking your best friend for a walk. This innovative set of 2 lb dumbbells has a built-in retractable 16' leash on one dumbbell and a zippered nylon pouch on the other dumbbell that holds a roll of 15 plastic bags (included), treats, or small toys. Each dumbbell also features soft urethane foam handles to ensure comfort during long walks. If you want an even better workout, just add more weight by carrying the dog too!


  • Combines an upper body workout with dog walking
  • Dog leash with adjustable weight dumbbells
  • Three-way trigger on one dumbbell lets out the 16' leash
  • Trigger locks it at the length you prefer and quickly retracts the leash
  • Both dumbbells have four 1/2-lb. weights handgrips
  • Soft urethane foam handles ensure comfort during long walks
  • Zippered nylon pouch on the other dumbbell holds a roll of 15 plastic bags (included), treats, or small toys
  • Size: 6 3/4" L x 2 1/4" Diameter

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