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Bamboo Ladybug Feeder

Bamboo Ladybug Feeder

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If you like to garden, you know how those small plant-eating insects called Aphids can be serious trouble. These evil plant lice like to hang out under the leaves of your plants and suck on them until the leaves turn yellow and die. Well, the Aphids mortal enemy is surprisingly the little innocent ladybug. Don't let their appearance fool you, these cute red-winged insects like to hunt down, kill and voraciously consume Aphids and other garden insect pest like whiteflies, spider mites, scale, leaf hoppers and mealybugs. Just one ladybug can eat dozens of aphids a day and now you can easily attract these beneficial bugs to your yard and garden with this cool new Bamboo Ladybug Feeder. Just hang this natural bamboo feeder, bait it by adding a few raisins and they will come. It provides them a structural habitat to live on and the raisins provide food after they've cleared the garden of nasty pests. Much better and simpler solution than spraying toxic chemicals all around your home and garden.

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