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Bugs Away Yellow Globe String Lights

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Bugs Away Yellow Globe String Lights

If you love to enjoy the warm Summer evenings outdoors, but fear the unrelenting squadrons of flying, biting, and stinging insects seeking any light they can find, then these cool new Bugs Away Yellow Globe String Lights are the solution for you. These festive outdoor string lights use unique yellow glass bulbs that flying insects can't see or be attracted to, unlike white or clear bulbs, and are chemical free. Great for pest-free outdoor parties, romantic dinners, or whenever you need some nighttime outdoor illumination without being utterly swarmed and driven back into the house.


  • Festive Yellow bug bulb outdoor string lights help keep flying insects at bay
  • Yellow bulbs will not attract bugs because they can't see the light (like white or clear bulbs)
  • 10 yellow glass bulbs
  • Natural pest control is chemical free - no smells or poisons
  • Great for any outdoor gathering
  • Size: 10' L

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