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Kinoko - Customizable Mushroom Lamp

Kinoko - Customizable Mushroom Lamp

Kinoko - Customizable Mushroom Lamp

The cool new Kinoko - Customizable Mushroom Lamp is a magically weird lamp from Japan that forgoes the the usual lampshade for little illuminated mushrooms instead. It may look like a little planter topped with grass, forest foliage and mushrooms (kinoko), but when it gets dark the fungi light up using either USB power or the energy stored from the solar panels on the front. The flowers and stems can even be re-arranged when you're bored. Bizarre, yet functional desktop lighting.

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  • A great piece of desktop foliage decoration that you can customize depending on your tastes
  • Ambient and magical fungi illuminations are powered by USB or solar panels
  • Small pot has grass on the top with mushrooms (kinoko) and other flowers that you can arrange yourself
  • Includes: light, USB cable, stems x 5, flower x 1
  • Continuous running time: around 8 hours

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