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Gigantic Worry Eater - Write Down Worries / Fears and Feed

Gigantic Worry Eater - Write Down Worries / Fears and Feed

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When your kids or even you are endlessly lost in thoughts filled with worries, fears, doubts, and anxieties, then simply feed this cool new Gigantic Sorgenfresser Worry Eater. This is a massive version of a cute worry eating creature called a Sorgenfresser that gobbles up anything you write down on paper for a little peace of mind as it digests it all away. Just jot down a worry or fear, cram it into its mouth, and zip its lips shut. Since it's humongous, that means it can hold a lot of worries and if parents want to sneak a quick peek into its stomach contents, they might learn what's bothering their kids without asking. If all the worries seem to be about fears of this thing dragging them under the bed into monsterland every night, well that's a whole different problem.

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