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PowerUp 3.0 - App-Controlled R/C Paper Airplane

PowerUp 3.0 - App-Controlled R/C Paper Airplane

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Tired of spending all that time folding a piece of paper into a precision flying aircraft that will either fly for a few seconds or instantly nosedive in spectacular failure? Wish that paper airplane could soar for longer? Wish that you had some actual flight control after throwing it? Can't afford a drone? Then you need to check out the cool new PowerUp 3.0. This little device upgrades a simple paper airplane into a full blown app-controlled R/C airplane that gives you 10 minutes of flight time. Just fold your airplane, install the smart module, download the free app on your smartphone, and feel the thrill of flying as your plane soars through the skies as you ascend or descend using the app's throttle lever or maneuver it by simply tilting your phone. The app connects to the plane via wireless Bluetooth giving you around 180 feet of range and the kit includes everything you need including 4 paper templates to ensure easy folding. Check out the video below to see it in action.

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PowerUp 3.0 - App-Controlled R/C Paper Airplane
Wouldn't having a set of bouncing Giant Foam Dice like these be really cool? Each of these jumbo, but lightweight foam die measure in at 16 inches and actually bounce when tossed!
PowerUp 3.0 - App-Controlled R/C Paper Airplane
This giant inflatable spring is a twisty floating pool toy that you can crawl through, lounge in, hang from, or do anything else you can dream up.
PowerUp 3.0 - App-Controlled R/C Paper Airplane
If you don't know your diamonds from your clubs, these playing cards will spell it out for you, literally, with generic text labeling each card in the center.
PowerUp 3.0 - App-Controlled R/C Paper Airplane
Take office cubicle warfare to new heights when you bomb your unsuspecting coworkers with ping pong balls using this app-controlled helicopter/drone/bomber.
PowerUp 3.0 - App-Controlled R/C Paper Airplane
If you love basketball and you're trapped at home during the cold winter months, spinning around bored in your chair at the office, want to upgrade from crumpled up wads of paper and a wastebasket, or you just simply want to endlessly practice free throws, 3-point shots, and slam dunks 24/7/365 from the comfort of your own home, then check out this cool new Franklin Sports Pro Hoops Basketball Set. An illuminated over-the-door indoor basketball hoop with LED scoring.
PowerUp 3.0 - App-Controlled R/C Paper Airplane
Reconnect with the real world, find an offline friend, and give your mind a challenging workout when you take a seat behind this cool new Giant Aluminum Chess Set.
PowerUp 3.0 - App-Controlled R/C Paper Airplane
This out-of-this-world-inspired brain teaser toy is a liquid-filled globe with a little astronaut figure inside that needs to land in the footsteps on the lunar surface below. Just shake it, tilt it, twirl it, and move it all about to test your man on the moon landing skills.
PowerUp 3.0 - App-Controlled R/C Paper Airplane
Whenever someone complains, cries, or goes on and on with a sob story, don't mention playing the world's smallest violin, do it for real with this Tiny Violin.
PowerUp 3.0 - App-Controlled R/C Paper Airplane
A typical Newton's Cradle toy on a desk at the office not only alleviates boredom through hypnotic swinging balls, it also demonstrates Sir Issac Newton's law of conservation of momentum. This one does all these things, but adds fun illumination as well.

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