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Millennia Robot - Interactive Robotic Avatar

Millennia Robot - Interactive Robotic Avatar

Millennia Robot - Interactive Robotic Avatar

It's the 21st century and we still don't have fully autonomous, artificially intelligent robots pampering us like Uncle Paulie's awesome SICO Robot did in Rocky IV way back 1985... or do we? The cool new Millennia Robot from International Robotics, Inc. is made by the same company who made SICO a movie star and this is the next generation model ready to entertain you. Primarily designed for rental appearances at trade shows, conferences, concerts, film and television (only robot in the world to be a member of the Screen Actors Guild), sponsored events, and more, it can also now be purchased outright as the coolest new member of your family (or just rent it out for income too).

While it won't fetch you beers automatically like in Rocky IV, this massive lifesize robot can be covertly remote controlled to act very lifelike, intelligent, and verbally social. It can roll around, fluidly move it's head, torso, and multi-jointed arms, dance (even with a partner on its platform), speak through a synthesized voice, play music through six speakers, and much more. It's designed to convince anyone engaging with it to seemingly have a real personality and can even be pre-programmed to perform routines.

At a whopping $345,000, it's still priced mainly for heavyweight boxing champions and others with plenty of cash to spare or invest with, but maybe you'll get lucky like Uncle Paulie and get one as the ultimate birthday gift instead of the sports car you wanted. Check out the video below to see it in action! Cool huh?

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  • The only robot admitted to the Screen Actors Guild
  • Adult-sized robotic avatar - appeared in movies, television, music videos, entertained Royalty, and attended countless corporate functions
  • Controlled via an intuitive wireless remote that is small enough to escape detection, making it appear as if he is acting autonomously
  • Fluid, lifelike movements, smooth dance moves, and engaging personality add celebrity star power to any event
  • Head, torso, and multi-jointed arms can be operated independently or in limitless combinations to create graceful, lifelike motions
  • Rolls forward, backward, and spins 360º at three different speeds
  • Dances alone or with a partner who stands on his sturdy platform
  • Robot engages in clever impromptu banter with guests (delivered from the operator with a discreet wireless microphone)
  • Synthesized voice carries clearly from six speakers in his head and body
  • LEDs in his mouth light as he talks, giving his speech a more natural quality
  • Routine can also be completely pre-programmed, from body movements and dialogue to music and sound effects
  • Monitor on the robot’s fiberglass and steel body displays what he sees
  • LED panel across his mid-section scrolls a customized message.
  • Rechargeable batteries provide 3-4 hours of entertainment per charge or he can be plugged into AC for non-stop entertainment
  • Size: 72" H x 32" W x 30" D - 600 lbs

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