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Majestic Life-Sized Headless Horseman Statue

Majestic Life-Sized Headless Horseman Statue

Majestic Life-Sized Headless Horseman Statue

This cool new yet quite legendary Majestic Headless Horseman Statue is an animated, life-sized (minus the head) 5 foot tall statue of Sleep Hollow's most infamous mascot, the ominous Headless Horseman. This Halloween statue stands tall and ready to lop off any good heads that may cross his path as it cradles a flickering jack-o'-lantern head in his arms while playing creepy background music and sound effects. It features detailed costuming complete with a freely hanging fabric cloak and a lifelike breastplate, gloves, belt, and boots. It's kind of the perfect photo prop for letting friends, fiends, and trick-or-treaters to take selfies with on Halloween night. Best of all, Ichabod Crane is not included.

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  • Animated, life-size Headless Horseman Statue
  • Ominous 5 ft. tall without its head
  • Cradles a flickering jack-'o-lantern
  • Creepy background soundtrack
  • Audio includes horseman laughter, horse neighing and galloping (audio plays through once each time it is activated)
  • Pumpkin face lights orange and flickers along with audio
  • Detailed costuming
  • Cotton fabric cloak hangs freely from neck to conceal switch and battery access at back
  • Cloak removable to clean with elastic at collar
  • To clean, handwash or machine-wash on delicate, cold cycle; hang to dry, iron if necessary
  • Fantastic photo prop for your Halloween party
  • Molded polyurethane body replicates soldier's uniform
  • Detailed with lifelike breastplate, gloves, belt, and boots;
  • Light and sound powered by three AA batteries (sold separately)
  • Two-way, on/off switch
  • Size: 30" W x 17.5" D x 60" H - 25 lbs

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