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Flickering Flame Jack O' Lantern

Flickering Flame Jack O' Lantern

Flickering Flame Jack O' Lantern

Rather than snatching a pumpkin from its pumpkin patch family, scalping it with a butcher's knife, yanking and scraping out its innards, carving a face onto its body, shoving a lit candle in its mouth, and then leaving it to rot on your front porch or get smashed to bits with a baseball bat...why not spare a poor pumpkin's life this Halloween and go with a reusable alternative like this cool new Flickering Flame Jack O' Lantern. This faux grinning jack o' lantern is made from durable resin and illuminates from within, not from the tiny flame of a boring old candle, but with the illusion of an inferno of flames generated by an integrated LED and mirrored panel inside. Also, real pumpkin jack o' lanterns tend to bite, so this is much safer. 🎃 🔥

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