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Einstein's Brain-in-a-Jar Lamp

Einstein's Brain-in-a-Jar Lamp

Einstein's Brain-in-a-Jar Lamp

The cool new Einstein's Brain Lamp from Frankenstein Labs is the more interesting way to illuminate your mad scientist laboratory. This handmade prop looks as if it comes straight out of an old horror movie with its lifesized brain seemingly floating in a thick glass jar on top of an aluminum base with brain-activity gauge. It features a 25 Watt bulb to light up this genius' brain appropriately blood red and a coiled electrical cord stretches to 49". If you still don't have a loyal hump-backed assistant to retrieve a brain for you, this makes a nice alternative.

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  • Handmade floating brain-in-a-jar desk lamp
  • Realistic life-sized human brain appears to float about, suspended in air
  • Made of thick glass on an aluminum base
  • Same prop used in the London stage production "A Midsummer Night's Dream" at the Courtyard Theatre in London
  • Light: 120V 25 Watt red T bulb with standard base
  • Coiled electrical cord stretches to 49"
  • Size: 19" H x 10" Diameter

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