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Wearable Bat Wings That Open and Close

Wearable Bat Wings That Open and Close

Wearable Bat Wings That Open and Close

Have you always wished that you could transform into a giant bat? These cool new Wicked WIngs are wearable bat wings that slip on like a backpack and then actually open and close by pulling down on strings. When fully extended outward, these spooky bat wings have an imposing 4 foot wingspan. The only downside to these cool flapping wings is that they won't let you actually fly through the dark skies at night, transform you into a bloodthirsty vampire, or help you fight crime in a city full of super villains. Perfect for Halloween, cosplaying, pet costumes, the bedroom, or just anytime you think wearing giant bat wings are a good idea.

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  • These wearable wicked wings can open and close
  • 4 foot wingspan
  • Worn like a backpack with elastic shoulder straps
  • Each wing has a corresponding string that can be manually pulled down for movement
  • 100 percent nylon woven fabric with plastic frame
  • Set can fold in half vertically

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