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Gigantic Towering Terror Vampire Costume

Gigantic Towering Terror Vampire Costume

Gigantic Towering Terror Vampire Costume

At your next Halloween party, stand high above the rest of the monsters, superheroes, and sexy versions of everything when you slip into this cool new Towering Terror Vampire Costume. This terrifying costume transforms the wearer into a gigantic bloodthirsty vampire that stands up to or even over 8 feet tall via an internal inflatable height extender. A fabric panel in the chest allows the wearer to see out. The costume includes the inflatable head/shoulder piece, fanged vampire mask with blood-red eyes, clawed hands, and a collared robe. It's not only an impressive costume, it can also be used as a massive hanging Halloween decoration too by using the included cord and inflatable arms. Check out the video to see it in action.

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  • Vampire costume adds about 2 feet of height to the wearer
  • Inflatable head/shoulder height extender piece
  • A fabric panel in the costume "chest" lets you see out
  • Includes: Robe with collar, vampire mask, Inflatable head/shoulder piece, monster hands, inflatable arms (for decor), 20' cord (for decor)
  • Size: One Size

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